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Tim Travers Hawkins is known for cinematic documentaries, that tell human stories that grapple with the most pressing issues of our times.

His work has been shown on streamers like NETFLIX, HBO MAX & SHOWTIME and premiered at some of the worlds best film festivals such as TRIBECA, BFI LONDON FILM FESTIVAL, IDFA & SXSW.

He began filmmaking in Latin America where he was mentored by radical 'Third Cinema' auteurs Fernando Birri and Pino Solanas in Argentina; studied at the international film school in Cuba; and founded the production collective CINEMACHETE.

His first wave of films were, the animated doc 1000 VOICES (Hotdocs. 2009) which won multiple awards including the Amnesty International Human Rights Film Prize and Best Animation at Krakow Film Festival, SURPRISEVILLE (SXSW. 2010) & INVISIBLE PICTURE SHOW (IDFA. 2013), which won the One World Media Award 2014.

His debut feature XY CHELSEA (Tribeca 2019. Showtime) followed transgender Wikileaks source Chelsea Manning who leaked over 300,000 US Military documents. It was nominated for two Documentary Emmy Awards and the United Nations Cinema for Peace Award.


He has since made THE MOVEMENT a DIG-award-winning investigative film for the Guardian; PERSONA (2020 HBO Max), BURN IT DOWN! (2021 Paramount)



He is currently developing his next feature film with Dorothy St Pictures

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