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How Steve Bannon's far-right 'Movement' stalled in Europe

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Tim has created a body of work that traverses diverse forms and media.

To date he has directed three feature documentaries including his Emmy-nominated debut XY CHELSEA; been associate director of a AAA BAFTA-nominated Video Game; made interactive experiences; done award-winning investigative journalism for The Guardian; created the first artificial intelligence-designed animation to be broadcast on British TV; as well as directing award-winning shorts, music videos, and TV shows.

He studied filmmaking at the International Film School (EICTV) in Cuba as well as training with reknowned Third-Cinema filmmakers Fernando Birri and Pino Solanas in Argentina and is a Sundance Almuna and British Arts Council Fellow.

He co-founded the art-cinema collective CINEMACHETE in Colombia through which he co-wrote and created a series of experimental and collaborative films.

Throughout his career Tim has partnered and created work with major international production companies and broadcasters: Pulse Films, Field of Vision, Topic Studios, MRC, Rolling Stone, BFI, Dorothy St Pictures, Faliro House, CNN Films and many more. His work has been released on major networks and streamers such as HBO and Showtime, and been screened at some of the most prestigious international festivals including Tribeca, SXSW and IDFA.

His work is often linked to activism, for which he won the Amnesty International Human Rights Cinema Award in 2013, One World Media Award 2014, and was nominated for the 2020 United Nations Cinema for Peace Awards.

He is represented by Independent Talent and works in english y en español.

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